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Business licensing and building permits

The Klinger Building Permits and Business Licensing office team  under the management of Klinger Benjamin, senior consultant for municipal affairs, leaders in the field of planning and construction licensing. Full and personal accompaniment of the private and institutional sector  in the procedure  obtaining building permits  and business licenses.

A highly experienced and efficient department   for settling construction violations, canceling demolition orders, canceling work stoppage orders, obtaining retroactive building permits, arrangements with the authorities, providing expert opinions to the courts.

Reduction of construction fees and improvement levies, cancellation of administrative fines, expediting bureaucratic procedures, representation before the authorities, approvals for taboos in cases of split apartments and construction deviations.

  The team is first class in Israel, professional and experienced  which includes lawyers, engineers, architects, surveyors, consultants most of whom were previously employed in the various authorities in senior positions.

35 years of experience in the field - the leaders in Israel!

Modern Architecture
Delivering Package

ביטול צווי הריסה מנהליים

הפקח ביקר בנכס,קיבלת זימון לשימוע- מסירת גירסה ? פנה עוד היום לייעוץ ואנו נסייע לך !

  Municipal permits for transfer in tabu even in the situation of construction anomalies and splitting apartments without a permit  

The only office that handles both the planning level and the legal aspect

Experts in regulating  construction anomalies throughout the country

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