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Accessibility statement


We at Klinger Business Licensing and Building Permits see the utmost importance in assisting and making its website accessible to people with disabilities, thus enabling the majority of the population to browse easily and comfortably and enjoy the well-developed website.

In accordance with the Law of Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities 1998-1998 and the regulations established pursuant to it, many efforts and resources are invested in making the necessary accessibility adjustments that will result in a person with a disability being able to receive the services provided to all customers, independently and equally.

Information about website accessibility and what's on the menu:

  • This site complies with the requirements of the regulations on equal rights for people with disabilities (service accessibility adjustments), 2013.

  • The means of navigation and orientation on the site are very simple and convenient to use.

  • The site's contents are written in simple and clear language and are well organized using headings and lists.

  • A fixed and uniform structure for all the sub-sites and pages on the site.

  • The site is optimized for viewing in the different types of browsers and preferably for viewing in the Chrome browser

  • Adapting the site to work environments with different resolutions - there is a button that can be clicked and the graphic objects have a textual alternative (alt).

  • The site allows changing the font size by using the CTRL key and using the + and - keys. The links on the site are clear and contain an explanation of where they link to.

  • Possibility to change the colors on the website by clicking on a button with an accessibility sign.

  • The site was built in accordance with the accessibility instructions found in W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA

  • The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for the accepted usage pattern for operating with a keyboard using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows.

  • The site is optimized for display in common browsers and for use on mobile phones.

Access to the Klinger Business Licensing and Building Permits offices:
Most of our meetings with clients are usually at the clients' homes or their offices, law firms, appraisers, authorities, courts, etc.
Meetings in our office are welcome, but by appointment only.

The office is in Migdal Hadish next to Gindi Mall Tel Aviv (Hashmonaim Karlibach Tel Aviv). There is paid parking in the mall with arranged disabled parking spaces and an accessible elevator that reaches the ground floor.
instead of clear direction signs.

There is a convenient passage from the east exit of the mall (Hashmonaim Street) to Tower 2 at Yitzhak ("Izo") Graziani Street 6 Tel Aviv where our offices are located.
Entrance for those coming from the mall (by appointment) from the ground floor - the tower lobby.
There are modern accessible elevators suitable for wheelchairs.
For your information, there is also one disabled bay in the 2nd floor tower with an accessible elevator directly to the office.
Advance appointment is required by calling 0523-888813 or via the accessible website.
The building where the offices are located is accessible and suitable for people with disabilities, there are disabled services.
There are escape exits from protected spaces and clear signage.
In the lobby there is a defibrillator station (reception station).
The office has doors with a wide passage key suitable for a wheelchair.

Ways of applying for requests and suggestions for improving accessibility:
It should be noted that we continue our efforts to improve the company's accessibility as part of our commitment to allow the entire population, including people with disabilities, to receive the most accessible service.
If you encounter a problem or a malfunction regarding accessibility, we would appreciate it if you would inform us of this and we will make every effort to find a suitable solution for you and handle the malfunction as soon as possible.
For anything else, you can call us, talk and write to us through the contact button or by phone.
It is possible to contact by phone and/or in writing for an explanation of how to use and navigate the website free of charge.
You can also contact me, Benjamin Klinger/the owner of the business at 0523-888813

This statement was updated on 14.1.22

Despite our efforts to allow accessible access to all pages of the site, it is possible that pages may be discovered that have not yet been accessed or that the appropriate technological solution for their accessibility has not yet been found. We continue to make great efforts to improve the site's accessibility as much as possible, out of faith and moral obligation to help everyone use the site, including people with disabilities.

Benjamin Klinger
Klinger building permits, business licensing and municipal consulting.
The service is nationwide
Tel: 03-6990132
Fax: 03-6990134

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