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  Cancellation of demolition order - stop work order  

The only office that handles the planning aspect and the legal aspect.


Experts in canceling demolition orders quickly and efficiently.


Did you get a demolition order or a stop work order?

We have a solution for you!

Closing cases of construction anomalies.

Cancellation of construction stop order.

Cancellation of the order to enter the land.

Construction violation without a permit, what to do?

Were you invited to submit a version (hearing) on suspicion of construction violations?

Did you receive a notice of a fixed administrative fine?

Need a building permit retrospectively?

It is possible that the work you performed is exempt from the permit!

Expert opinions for the courts.

"Think before you act"
Get in touch immediately and avoid mistakes!


35 years of experience in the field - the leaders in Israel!

Approval to start work within a week!

Settlements with the authorities without conviction.

Special prices for applicants from the website - contact us now!

Free consultation calls with the experts in the field!

Nationwide deployment.

Full transparency.

Experts in planning, licensing and construction.

Call now for a free consultation
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