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Business licensing and building permits

The Klinger Building Permits and Business Licensing office team  under the management of Klinger Benjamin, senior consultant for municipal affairs, leaders in the field of planning and construction licensing. Full and personal accompaniment of the private and institutional sector  in the procedure  obtaining building permits  and business licenses.

A highly experienced and efficient department   for settling construction violations, canceling demolition orders, canceling work stoppage orders, obtaining retroactive building permits, arrangements with the authorities, providing expert opinions to the courts.

Reduction of construction fees and improvement levies, cancellation of administrative fines, expediting bureaucratic procedures, representation before the authorities, approvals for taboos in cases of split apartments and construction deviations.

  The team is first class in Israel, professional and experienced  which includes lawyers, engineers, architects, surveyors, consultants most of whom were previously employed in the various authorities in senior positions.

35 years of experience in the field - the leaders in Israel!

Expediting applications for building permits throughout the country

The only firm that handles both the planning aspect and the legal aspect

 The reform in planning, licensing and construction within the framework of Amendment 101 to the Planning and Construction Law established timetables for various licensing processes for the licensing authority and the control institute with the lofty aim  to significantly shorten and simplify the  building licensing procedures190_5cc7 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
For this purpose and as part of a thoughtful process accompanied by our offices and in addition   the digitization of the services of the various government ministries, in 2016 an available licensing system of the planning director was launched which currently allows   the submission of an application for a building permit online.

In principle, the process of issuing a building permit should not take a long time according to the allotted system times, but in practice the time period is greatly extended as a result of poor conduct by the committees and/or the architect and/or the engineer on behalf of the applicant.

Benjamin Klinger's office assisted in the formulation of recommendations for the reform of planning and construction and is experienced in the online licensing system and ongoing dealings with the planning bodies.

We can speed up requests for construction and non-use permits significantly!

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