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The uniform specification in licensing business

The uniform specification - Benjamin Klinger

The reform of the Business Licensing Law:
Business Licensing Law  enacted by the Knesset in 1968 and Business Licensing Regulations (General Instructions), 2000,  are the main authority that regulates the activities of businesses in the State of Israel. This law and the regulations are intended to ensure several goals for the benefit of the general public, with each goal entrusted to the government office responsible for the subject. 
Below is a list of the purposes of the Business Licensing Law and the offices responsible for each of the law's purposes:

  1. Adequate quality of the environment and prevention of hazards and nuisances - under responsibility Ministry of the Environment;

  2. Prevention of dangers to public peace and assurance against robbery and burglary - under responsibility Ministry of Internal Security  (police);

  3. Safety of those present at the place of business or its surroundings - under responsibility Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs;

  4. Prevention of dangers of animal diseases and prevention of source contamination - under responsibility Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development;

  5. Public health, including adequate sanitation conditions - under responsibility Ministry of Health;

  6. Compliance with the laws relating to planning and construction is the responsibility of the engineering department of the local authority or the local or regional committee for planning and construction.

  7. Compliance with the laws concerning firefighting - under responsibility Ministry of Internal Security (firefighting).

Below are the main points of the reform:

  1. Creating a uniform specification of the conditions and documents required for obtaining a business license from the approving government ministries, which will be published online. The uniform specification will allow those interested in establishing a business to know in advance what is required of them and will prevent a situation of non-uniformity in the requirements or contradictions in the requirements of different approval providers - a nationwide uniform specification.

  2. Uploading the documents, conditions, policies and requirements of the local licensing authorities (municipalities, regional councils, local councils) of certain types of businesses to the authority's website, so that those interested in setting up a business can know in advance what is required of them and what limitations the licensing authority imposes on businesses of its type - a uniform specification by my authority .

  3. Possibility to submit a complaint to the party concerned (both approval providers and licensing authority) for refusing to grant him a license or revoking a license and for a condition placed on a business owner or applicant for a business license (including a condition that appears in the uniform specification and with the exception of a condition established by legislation)
    You can learn about the mechanism for obtaining one or more of the approval data by looking at the website of each of the approval data (according to the link that appears at the beginning of this document).
    The mechanism of obtaining in the headquarters regional council   is as follows:  
    Within 30 days, from the day he receives a refusal or a condition for which the business owner wants to submit a request, he will fill out the "Request Submission Form" (form 9 in business licensing regulations), will submit it after paying the fee specified in the regulations, to the business licensing department and will attach all the required documents to the application submission form
    (the license, the temporary permit, the expedited permit or the application for their receipt and the demand or the decision on which the obtaining is submitted as well as any additional document concerning the matter).
    The acquisition will be discussed by the legal advisor and a representative of the business promotion and licensing department, in consultation with the relevant professional bodies.
    A decision will be delivered to the obtainer within 30 days, from the date of receipt of the obtainment form by the Authority.

  4. An expedited licensing procedure for businesses whose risk is small, in which the license applicant submits the required documents in advance and declares compliance with the required conditions  and can start operating within about a month of submitting the application after receiving an expedited permit from the licensing authority.
    All the explanations on the abbreviated licensing route including a business classification table for abbreviated routes can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

  5. Possibility to impose fines on businesses that do not comply with the conditions of the business license.

The order was updated (Business Licensing Decree (businesses requiring licensing - 2013) which determines the businesses subject to licensing, so that for many types of businesses the licensing period has been extended  (and for others it has been shortened in cases where the characteristics of the business require it), the need for a business license has been abolished for some businesses, and the need for approval of some of the approval data has been abolished, all if the possible

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