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  Cancellation of demolition orders - deletion of the taboo text  and everything you should know!  


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Deletion of a warning note regarding the demolition order from the land records

A warning note regarding demolition orders can be canceled in the following cases:

  • When a building permit has been issued that fully overlaps the subject of the order.

  • When the order has been fully executed (destroyed).

  • When the demolition order is written on all the tenants of the condominium and in fact it concerns one or more of the apartments, the note can be deleted for the tenant/tenants who are not affected by the order in question.

  • When it comes to an old demolition order, until 1970, when a note was registered in the name of the owners who do not have rights in the land today.

  • When the order was mistakenly registered on another plot.


Submitting a request to delete a warning note

For a request to delete a warning note, the following documents must be submitted:

After receiving a recommendation from the inspection department to cancel the warning note, a reply will be sent to the applicant and the material will be transferred to the criminal department for further processing, in order to receive its recommendation for cancellation.
The criminal department's recommendation will be presented to a judge, who has the authority to rule on this matter. After the decision is made, the criminal department will inform the applicant. You can contact the criminal department using the contact information below.

Approval of a document for the registration of a condominium or for the amendment of a condominium order



The approval of the blueprint by a planning institution constitutes a reference for the adaptation of the property subject to the blueprint to the approved planning situation, including the building permits issued for its construction, in order to present the correct picture to the person reviewing the blueprint.

A condominium plan can only be approved if there is a building permit for an old building and Form 4 for occupancy and/or a completion certificate for a new building.  



Guidelines for drafting a condominium registration document

  • A sketch must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice, in accordance with the building permit. Inconsistency with the permit must be marked according to the rules for marking the exceptions (the construction exceptions or additions without a permit must not be included within the demarcation line of the unit, and their area must not be counted in the number of areas eligible for registration. They must be marked with a dotted line accompanied by a verbal description).

  • Care must be taken to verbally describe each space/area in the drawing, as approved in the permit (apartment, warehouse, parking facility, garbage room, floor lobby, etc.).

  • Care must be taken to present all the common areas as approved in regulation 27.

  • The easement areas must be marked graphically, accompanied by a verbal description - as appears in the deed  and the deed of easement in the register of rights.

  • It is hereby clarified that the approval of the plan does not refer to the calculation of the area of the registered unit (this issue is the sole responsibility of the plan editor).

  • There is  to make sure that an affidavit in the body of the deed is drawn up according to the essence (registration of a new house or amendment of the decree of an existing house).

  • Each copy must be signed with the original signature of the draftsman.


Additional information:

work process

The draft must be submitted to the department by mail, or placed in a designated box at the security guard's station at the entrance to the Pylon 5 building, or delivered to the supervisory information center in room 227. The draft will be accompanied by an accompanying letter and the statement of the filer/executor for the registration, that he represents all the owners of the property, the contact details for conducting an audit in the property, and draw up an up-to-date registration.
The inspector will check whether the blueprint corresponds to the building permit and the existing situation on the ground (in new buildings it is advisable to submit the blueprint as close as possible to the date of receipt of Form 4 for occupancy, in order to avoid duplication of inspections). After that, the blueprint will be forwarded to the Latabau Public Prosecutor's Office, which will check its suitability to the valid planning situation.

If there are no exceptions and the draft amendment is not required:

  • The Taboo Legal Center will contact the applicant and ask him to produce 2 additional copies of the document

  • The approved drafts will be transferred to supervisory information centers, for delivery.

If there are construction anomalies* and/or the drawing needs to be corrected:

  • *The planning institution (local committee / licensing authority) reserves the right to approve a sketch subject to the registration of an appropriate planning note or to refuse to approve it at all.

  • The deviations must be marked on the drawing, according to the rules described above.

  • 3 corrected copies of the draft must be produced.

  • The Taboo Legal Center will make a request to register a note regarding non-compliance with the permit, according to Rule 29 of the Land Regulations (Management and Registration), 2011.

  • The licensing authority will discuss and decide on the request.

  • The approved drafts, together with a registration request according to regulation 29, will be forwarded to supervisory information centers for delivery.

We will approve up to 3 copies of the draft, with one of them remaining in the possession of the committee.


Cancellation/deletion of a comment according to regulation 29

In the event that a draft is approved for the registration/amendment of a condominium order, subject to the comment according to Rule 29, and the reason for the registration has passed - an application must be submitted which will include:

  • A letter justifying the reason for deleting the comment - with [desirable, but not mandatory] photos "before" (with the exception) and "after" (when the exception was destroyed), or a photo of a building permit that "documents" the exception.

  • Taboo wording in which the note is written.

  • Joint house inscription (for the purpose of identifying the deviation and its location).

The confirmation of deletion addressed to the registration office (taboo) will be given to the applicant for further processing.


Approval of the supervision to connect electricity in an old building

According to section 157 of the Planning and Construction Law, the electric company may supply electricity to the building built with a permit only.
As for the building that existed before the application of the law (ie, built before 1965) but the owner or the authorities do not have a building permit for it, the installation of only one meter can be approved.

In order to prove the construction date, a certificate based on the decoding of aerial photographs or a map approved by the Israel Mapping Center must be produced. In order to submit the application, you must fill out an application form and attach to it the above-mentioned certificate, a current tabu form - or a certificate from the Amidar company, or a previous connection certificate from the (old) electricity company. The forms can be sent to the building supervision department by fax or by email that appears below .

Request for confirmation of absence of claims

A request to confirm the absence of lawsuits is a request to clarify legal proceedings (if any) at a certain address, starting from 1994 onwards.
In order to submit an application, you must fill out the application form below, and attach a current tabu statement. 

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