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Construction works that are exempt from the permit

"The Pergolas Law" We assist with reports according to the new regulations, including stability approval when required.

Even in cases when   a demolition order and/or indictment for construction and/or use without a construction permit is issued

The planning and construction regulations (works and buildings exempt from the permit), 2014  (from the "Nevo" website)

Background and explanation of the exemption regulations: 


The main goal in the field of licensing that underlies Amendment 101 to the Planning and Construction Law, 1965 (hereinafter "the Law"), is streamlining and improving the licensing procedures without harming the quality of construction. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to create a ranking and distinguish between the licensing tracks, and establish three tracks : full licensing procedure, abbreviated licensing procedure and works and uses that will be exempt from the permit.

As part of section 145c of the law, the Minister of the Interior was given the authority to determine types of work and uses that are exempt from the permit as long as they meet the following rules:

They are simple from an engineering point of view.

They do not create a real risk, disturbance, nuisance or environmental hazard. 

Their effect on the appearance of the building, on the environment and on their character and characteristics, is little. 

They do not damage the building's skeleton and its stability or the building's systems and functions. 

In order to ensure that these buildings will be erected in a professional and safe manner, both in terms of those who stay in them and in terms of those who are near them, the Minister of the Interior is authorized to determine specifications and conditions for these types of buildings and works, as well as to determine types of buildings, works or uses that are exempt from the permit for which there will be an obligation to deliver a notification to the local licensing authority, including the dates and methods of delivery of the notice.
It is emphasized that the granting of the exemption from obtaining a permit does not allow construction that is not in accordance with the plan or the spatial guidelines. 

In order not to harm security interests, section 145c of the law stipulates that an exemption from the permit will not apply in the area of a security facility, in the area of areas that were closed by order issued according to regulation 125 of the Defense Regulations (time of emergency), 1945, or in the area that the Committee for Security Facilities decided to impose restrictions on according to section 160(3a) ) to the law. 
These regulations (hereinafter: the "exemption regulations") specify general conditions as well as a list of works that are exempt from the permit, if they meet the conditions established by law and regulations.

Below is a list of the works that are exempt from the permit (the words  are for the public benefit, but only the wording in the law is binding

Sign A - fences and gates

Mark B - Canopies and sheds  

Sign C - uses associated with the structure

Sign D - technical buildings

The fifth sign - temporary buildings and works

Sign V - warehouse and building for the guard

Sign G - Development works and accessibility improvement

Sign H - antenna, receiving plate and mast

Sign 9 - Demolition and dismantling

Sign 10 - industry

The planning and construction regulations (works and buildings exempt from the permit), 2014 

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