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Reduction of the improvement tax, construction fees, property tax and more.

Reduction of property tax for businesses

Klinger handles the property tax charges of a variety of companies and organizations, both among the largest in Israel and small and medium-sized businesses that benefit from a personal and close relationship.

Thanks to the professional and extensive team, which includes all the necessary experts, Klinger  brought  over the years to reduce property taxes for its customers by the highest amounts._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_badcf5

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Did you receive a demand to pay a high improvement charge?

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Klinger  takes care of toll charges and current levies of the construction companies as well as private entrepreneurs, one of the leaders in Israel. Also, Klinger  customers are handled by her with a demand for the return of funds that were overpaid for the construction fee charges and the development levies in the past.

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35 years of experience in the field - the leaders in Israel!

Possibility of payment  based on success!

All consultants under one roof.

Reduction of improvement levies.

Reduction of construction and channelization fees.

Reduction of property tax.

Representation in appeal committees and courts.

Full transparency.

Economists, appraisers, building engineers, municipal consultants.

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