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A short explanation  about the business licensing reform

The State of Israel promoted a reform in the field of business licensing, the purpose of which is to improve and streamline the licensing procedures and make it as easy as possible for business owners and those interested in opening new businesses, all this while adhering to the provisions of the Business Licensing Law and its goals.

our officesChosen to conduct surveys and submit recommendations as part of the regulatory process for formulating the reform.

The main points of the reform

Creation of a uniform specification of the conditions and documents required for obtaining a business license from the government ministries issuing the approvals which is published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior - uniform specifications, the uniform specification will allow those interested in establishing a business to know in advance what is required of them and prevents a situation of lack of uniformity or  contradictions in requirements.

Making the information transparently accessible by uploading the documents, conditions, policies and requirements of the local licensing authority so that those interested in starting a business can know in advance what is required of them and what are the limitations the licensing authority imposes on types of businesses.

Additional conditions that will be set for the business owners will apply after three years or at the time of the renewal of the license, whichever is the earlier date, unless the change has little impact on the business or there are circumstances that require the application of the condition urgently in order to ensure the purposes of the licensing.


Obtaining - the possibility of submitting an obtaining to the relevant party regarding a condition placed on a business owner or license applicant (including a condition that appears in the uniform specification and with the exception of a condition established by legislation) or for refusing to grant him a business license or revocation of a license.

An expedited licensing procedure for businesses whose risk is small. As part of this procedure, the license applicant submits the required documents in advance and declares his compliance with the required conditions. The applicant will start operating his business within one month of submitting the application after receiving an expedited permit from the licensing authority.

Updating the business licensing decree that determines the businesses that require licensing, extending the licensing period for many types of businesses, shortening the licensing period in cases where the characteristics of the business require it, eliminating the need for a license for some businesses, eliminating the need for approval of some of the approval data, everything As far as possible.

The reform came into effect gradually starting on 5/11/2013. At this point, specifications for 11 items have been published.

The uniform specifications

Regarding a business that at the time of publication has a business license, eSpecifications Will enter into force three years after the publication, regarding a new business the specifications will enter into force on the date of publication (October 20, 2015).

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